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woensdag 22 februari 2017

New Platform Internationalisation for D66 Groningen

D66 Groningen is proud to announce the establishment of the Platform Internationalisation. The new platform will serve as a think tank to D66 Groningen and advice the political party on matters of internationalisation. The platform will be chaired by Matt Veerkamp. The first meeting of the new platform was held 0n Monday the 20th of February. Those interested in joining the platform are welcome to attend future meetings.

‘With the influx of international students and the growing need for international positioning of the city of Groningen, internationalisation is more and more a theme worthy of our attention,’ says Arend Jan Wonink, who is a council member for D66 in the Groningen city council. ‘Having a sound international outlook and adopting matching policies are vital to the city’s economic outlook and knowledge based institutions, such as the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen.’

Arend Jan hopes the new platform will supply fresh ideas and new inspiration to strengthen and enhance the position of Groningen in an international context. ‘The platform is not just there to advice about local questions of internationalisation. We invite all members to come up with ideas for our national and European representatives as well. Let’s look at the world and see what chances it offers. The first meeting already was inspiring’.

D66 Groningen currently has eight platforms providing advice and input on, for example Education, Diversity, and Sustainability. The New Platform Internationalisation hopes to attract both Dutch and international members. It is not necessary to be a member of D66 but affinity with the ideology of the political party is required.

Those interested can send an e-mail to Sander Vellekoop, vice-chairman and secretary of the Platform Internationalisation at

(Image credits: in 1903 Groningen organised its own world fair, or ‘wereldtentoonstelling’, presenting itself als the third most important trade city in the Netherlands. Source: Groninger Archieven)